How to Filter Link Opportunities with Open Site Explorer and Excel

Open Site Explorer is an extremely useful tool for finding out who links to a specific site. You can export your competitor’s link data and use Excel to filter the best link opportunities to the top. Like mining for gold, you often have to filter through a lot of worthless stuff to get to the […]

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20 Helpful Resources for Learning About Keyword Research

A successful campaign to increase valuable traffic to your website starts with understanding the right keywords that you want your website to rank for. Keyword research can help you determine what potential customers are searching for and uncover opportunities where your site can move up to the first page in search results. The following resources […]

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Top Interview Questions For Hiring an SEO Writer

Hiring for SEO can be tricky for two reasons: First, it’s difficult if you aren’t overly familiar with SEO yourself, and second, even if you do have an SEO background, it can be tough to know what questions to ask someone because it is such a new industry. Most colleges and universities don’t have classes […]

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Tips for Promoting Your Content with Email (Infographic)

This instructographic by Portent Interative provides some helpful tips if you want to reach out to bloggers, editors, and webmasters to try to get a link to your content. Even if you create an awesome piece of content, you still have to promote the content to get it in front of influencers who can help […]

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Review of the Point Blank SEO Link Building Course

I recently purchased the Point Blank SEO Link Building Course and highly I recommend it for anyone whose job involves building and earning links. Jon Cooper is a bright young online marketer who also attends the University of Florida. He is the author of Point Blank SEO, one of the best blogs on the topic […]

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Review of DIY SEO Audit eBook by Nick LeRoy

I recently had the opportunity to review Nick LeRoy’s recently released eBook on conducting an SEO audit. Nick LeRoy is a well respected SEO consultant from Minneapolis and has contributed to popular sites like SEOMoz and Point Blank SEO. This is an excellent eBook to pick up if you work in marketing or own a […]

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6 Ways to Locate Guest Post Opportunities

Guest blogging is an effective way to increase your online visibility by getting in front of new audiences and earning authoritative links back to your site. When used right it can increase traffic through referrals and improved search engine rankings. However, be careful to avoid the trap of wasting time on sites that are off-topic […]

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9 Resources for Writing Great Blog Headlines

Having a great headline can make the difference between an article that gets thousands of interested readers and an article that is read less than an academic journal article (estimated at an average of 7 readers). The following articles provide great tips and advice for writing great headlines for the Web. Blogging by Numbers: How […]

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10 Great Resources for Broken Link Building

Broken link building can be an effective way to earn links to your site because it helps website owners improve their user experience and they often thank you by including a link to your site. Here are some of the best resources on the Web that provide tips and tactics for broken link building. Broken […]

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11 Excellent SlideShare Presentations on SEO

The Fundamentals of Great SEO by Rand Fishkin -There are about 3 billion searches on Google each day. -XML sitemaps are recommended but not always needed for smaller sites. –Google Insights provides great data on keyword trends. -Average time on site is a good proxy for the value of keywords (find in Google Analytics). -Good […]

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5 Excellent Infographics About SEO

1. The Periodic Table of SEO Elements This infographic by Search Engine Land provides a great reference for the key SEO factors and a ranking of their relative importance. 2. How Much Does SEO Cost This provides great insight into what SEO costs based on survey data across the industry. The most common hourly rate […]

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How to Create a Competitor SEO Dashboard in Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to pull in data from APIs from sites like SEOMoz. This quick tutorial will show you how to create a simple SEO competitive dashboard to keep an eye on the SEO metrics of your main competitors. Step 1 Click on this link to open the Google Doc template by Chris Le […]

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29 Useful Resources for Learning About Guest Posting

Writing guest posts on top blogs in your industry can be a great way to build awareness of your business by getting in front of new audiences, earn a link to your site, and get referral traffic. The following articles provide helpful information on how to effectively approach guest posting as a marketing tactic. The […]

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7 Best Tips of Mozcon 2012

Mozcon is one of the best online marketing and SEO conferences in the country and is held each summer in Seattle. It is run by the SEO software company SEOMoz and brings in some of the top speakers in the SEO and online marketing industry. This year was the biggest event yet with over 700 […]

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70+ Helpful Link Building Resources and Articles

Earning quality links to your site is a primary factor in your site’s rankings in search engines and it is also one of the greatest challenges in online marketing. Just as building a better mousetrap will not necessarily get you customers, building a remarkable and useful piece of content may not earn you links unless […]

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Why Smart Businesses Invest In Professional SEO Services

Businesses operating in the virtual world understand that to get their websites listed in the search engines they have to submit their URLs. However, to be found by users interested in buying their products or services, they have to make sure their websites are displayed in the top search engine rankings. If a business does […]

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Duncan Morris Talk on the Google Panda Update

Duncan Morris from Distilled gave this valuable presentation that can be found at http://www.distilled.net/store/boston2011-panda/. You can get the video of the talk for free by signing up for Distilled’s free monthly videos here and you will receive a code to get the video for free or you can buy the video from their store (individual […]

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Infographic: Top SEO Ranking Factors

This infographic put together by Search Engine Land provides a great reference for the most important ranking factors for SEO which has been recently updated for 2012. You can also view the large version online at http://searchengineland.com/download/seotable/SearchEngineLand-Periodic-Table-of-SEO-large.png Quality content +3 Making sure that your pages have substantial quality content has become important following the Panda […]

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Free Webinar: B2B Link Building

Optify sponsored this free webinar featuring short presentations and a Q&A by linkbuilding experts Scott Fasser from Optify and Debra Mastaler from Alliance-Link. The webinar provides useful tips and advice for building links to business websites. Here are a few key takeaways from the webinar. -A professional association can be a great opportunity for building […]

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The Concise Guide to Writing Effective Copy

by Amy Fowler Search engine optimization is a tricky business. Most people are aware of the importance of keywords and structuring pages so that they are search engine friendly, but there’s still a misconception that creating SEO friendly copy is a complicated, dark art. The truth is, it’s not hard to turn any copy into […]

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