18 Excellent Seth Godin Videos

Seth Godin has been challenging conventional business ideas for over a decade with influential books like Purple Cow, Tribes, and Linchpin. Here are some great videos of Seth Godin sharing his ideas about marketing, challenging the status quo, and being remarkable. I also included my notes of the top takeaways from each video. How to […]

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Tony Hsieh Interviews Seth Godin

This is an excellent video of two of my favorite marketing book authors Tony Hsieh, who wrote Delivering Happiness and Seth Godin who has written several marketing classics like Purple Cow. They are also successful entrepreneurs who built Zappos and Squidoo into admired companies. Here are some of the takeaways from the interview: -Writing books […]

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Rand Fishkin's Talk on Why Inbound Marketing is Awesome

Rand Fishkin, the founder of the awesome SEO software and tools company SEOMoz, recently gave this excellent presentation at a Hackers and Founders meetup that makes a case for inbound marketing and provides actionable things to attract customers through this channel. If you haven’t tried SEOMoz, they have a free 30 day trial that is […]

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Great Video of Steve Jobs Talking About Marketing

Steve Jobs introduces the Think Different advertising campaign and explains Apple’s philosophy on marketing. “To me marketing is about values”. It’s a very complicated and noisy world and we don’t have a chance to get people to remember much about us. We have to be really clear about what we want people to know about […]

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Mike Volpe Presentation on the Dangers of Marketing Automation

In this presentation Mike Volpe from Dreamforce, CMO of HubSpot, discusses the negative aspects of marketing automation and makes a case for inbound marketing. You can learn more from Mike Volpe by following him on Twitter at @mvolpe or checking out his weekly marketing show Marketing Update. Here are some of my takeaways from the […]

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16 Great Marketing Talks Online

While it can cost hundreds of dollars to see leading marketers talk at conferences, there are many free talks online that contain some great ideas on marketing. The following marketing presentations from marketing authors and thought leaders can help you to gain inspiration, build your knowledge, or find a new idea that can help your […]

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How Marketing Can Make The World Better: Rory Sutherland at TED

Advertising executive Rory Sutherland gives a brilliant and humorous talk at TED about how marketing creates intangible value and why this is good for society. He points out that while creating tangible value requires raw materials, energy, and labor, creating intangible value just requires a good idea. Marketing often involves changing the perception of a […]

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Why Apple's Marketing Is Different by Simon Sinek

This is a great presentation by Simon Sinek about how some organizations are able to achieve so much more than others with seemingly the same amount of resources. Why did no one buy Gateway’s flat screens or Dell’s MP3 players? The following video, which I think marketers should watch over and over, explains why. The […]

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Marketing by Teaching: Jason Fried Presentation (video)

Jason Fried describes how educating consumers can be an effective way to market a product or service. By educating your customer you are providing value for your customer which often encourages them to keep coming back to your website or store. Fried advocates giving away as much information as you can about your craft or […]

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